Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Three Hacks You Should Know to Dress for the Office During Summer

The temperature on my weather app reads 90 degrees, its a typical muggy humid day in Washington, DC. Summer has officially arrived and so has balmy days where even the shortest of walks is sure to include some perspiration. So how do you prepare to dress for the office and stay cool at the same time? I offer three simple solutions that will keep you stylish at work but also prepared to endure the heat wave. 

1. Wear clothing that ventilates 

It's time to do away with the clothing made with heavy fabric. Light cottons and linens are the way to go because they are natural fibers that allow you to breathe. Flowing tops, skirts, dresses and trousers are also great , you don't want to wear anything to constricting. 

2. Dress to Impress

This should be happening daily but during the warmer months, it can be easy to get laxed and careless with your outfit selection. You should have a good stock of soft and or bright colors to reflect the season. Use color to balance and coordinate and don't fall victim to wearing skimpy, inappropriate, ensembles to work. Use a cardigan or blazer to upscale, your sleeveless dress or top, it's also a great thing to have in case your office gets super cool, from the AC.

3. It's ok to show some Toes

Now don't take this literally and walk in the office wearing your favorite Haviana flip flops. It simply means a classic sandal  , open toe pump or wedge is par for the course. Espadrilles are a fun alternative too. 




Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Swimwear Don't Care

For some it's a dreaded event but for others, it's what summer fun, is all about.  I'm talking about the swimsuit. Shopping for the perfect one, for a not so perfect body, can be a challenge but persevere as there is hope, if you follow my exact advice. Rule number one is of course, buy one that fits your shape. With swimwear it can be easy to fall victim to trends and standards nobody's body is willing to meet. Yet still one way to counter the urge to buy an ill fitting unflattering swimsuit, is by selling a style and cut that is classic and simple. Now if your personality is anything like mine that simple mantra, just won't work. If you are comfortable in your skin, then by all means be bold but adhere to the first rule, by remembering the style, must compliment your shape. Last be sure to also where a complimentary color that will amp the summer glow you're sure to have while relaxing in the sand. 

Five Necessary Picks for the Perfect Summer Outfit

The season has arrived for packing away jackets and upping your mani pedi game.     But the question is, are we really ready for the perfect summer day, where a sun kissed tan is eminent and an invite to have fun, is soon to be received? The answer is no, especially if you don't own, these five key pieces. In order to complete, the perfect summertime outfit we must start from the bottom. I'm sure by now you have a pair of gladiators, a  summer essential, that you can pair with everything, for wearing almost every   where. Next you need a great pair of sunnies. There's no better accessory choice, to glam up your style meter, than a fabulous pair of sunglasses. Now to the main ingredients of this style recipe, which includes a light airy top and a worn pair of booty hugging,distressed, denim, shorts. Your top selection may vary, depending on, if you are a boyfriend tee type of girl or a holly Madison, dreamy lace peasant blouse, wearing flower. No matter, your choice, they are both excellent and on par for being fashionably inclined. The last piece is a necessary object for managing random ubers across town, for margeritas, imprompt twilight lit walks in the park, and ice cream runs with bae. A funky bag of medium to large size, can accommodate your needs with relatives ease. This fully complete summer look is sure to be on repeat, you'll want to wear it everyday

1. Gladiator Sandal
2. Heat Friendly Top

3. Cute Sunnies

4. Distressed Denim Shorts 

5. An Interesting Bag of medium to large size

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Musings with a King

Thought I'd share some of my latest work with my muse, who also happens to be my husband, and best friend. If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with men's fashion, and how obsessed I am about the love of my life. Therefore you can understand, that when these two worlds collide, something magical and altogether transcendent happens... Well you be the judge.

Model: @ahki_dc
Trench Coat: Zara 
Tassle Loafers: Aldo 
Denim: Zara 

Jacket: StampdLA
Pants: Asos Men
Shoes: Zara 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pink Lemonade

My As a stylist and instagrammer one question I receive the most is, where do you shop?  Well I'm definitely a fast fashion consumer which means I shop predominantly at places like Forever 21, H&M and Zara. However I frequent other stores within the Amazon marketplace, small online boutiques and thrift stores for my more unique pieces. It used to be that shopping at fast fashion retailers meant you were purchasing bargain priced, moderate to low quality clothing. Boy have times changed, in fact the availability of high quality moderately priced clothing is now a stabilizing trend, in the business of fashion. Cheaper prices, no longer translates to cheap looking, low quality clothing. The new market affords the average shopper more ways to "get the look" of the high fashions, that grace the runways, but at a reasonable cost. Its revolutionizing the fashion world, evident in high fashion designers eagerness to collaborate with company's like H&M and Target. It's also giving the buyer with less buying buck the ability to indulge in styles brands and trends that they never had access to before in ways they never imagined. My entire look below illustrates this shift in retail benefits the consumer. I purchased this rather sport chic look for a little over $150. My dress was $19 from Forever 21, my shoes from an online French boutique L'oiel $79, and my jacket from Zara $69. 

Hair by : Atchoi of

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Please Don't Kill My Vibe

Sometimes the vibe is all you need. And by vibe, you know I'm referring to my mood. In most instances, my mood is just as influential in inspiring my look of the day, as my choice of galoshes, on a rainy day. Staying connected with how I feel helps me build a true sense of self, that affords the ability to recognize and identify my emotions. Emotions, like what I love to wear or  hate allows me to explore style concepts intuitively. What I feel most confident in or comfortable directly correlates to my choosing the form, shape or color composition of my outfit. It also magnifies the selfawareness that invites trust and confidence  needed for me to to explore beyond my normal style boundaries. When I want to mix prints and wear bold colors within the same outfit I'm not obeying any style rules, I'm just allowing my mood to channel that 70's girl, or Coachella Bella.  I'm just being myself even if Monday, I'm sending girl next door vibes, wearing prep chic. Or if on Tuesday, I could be mistaken for a round the way girl in denim, Jordan's,  gold accessories . The takeaway from all this is, always whatever you feel, express it in your style, it will keep your looks fresh and unpredictable. 

Dress Cochella Collection H&M
Gladiators Shoedazzle 
Hat Vintage
Fringe cardigan Zara 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jumpsuit, All in One

TThe evolution of the jumpsuit began with its inception in 1919. Revolutionary of its time because of its shape and also the idea of making a garment completely out of one fabric, during a period where fashion was very ornamental. Over the years the jumpsuit has changed but maintained a futuristic allure. Yet today you can find many versions of this iconic style and my favorite of course is the althletic construct. The simplistic, all for one one for all, mantra of the jumpsuit wearer marries you to the idea of this uniformed, now timeless essential fashion piece. 

Jumpsuit: Rebdolls
Sneakers: Missguided