Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stocking Your Winter Arsenal

Well, if you are on the east coast than you are fully aware that winter has arrived. Now the question remains to ask is, if you are ready, and I'm not referring to stockpiles of salt and canned goods. What I'm talking about when I say a winter arsenal, is your coats, woolens, tweeds, calfskin's etc. Those warm and cozy things that keep you safe from the perils of old man winter. For me, I try to collect or shop these items just as they are needed, seasonally. Winter accessories for certain don,t perform like your spring scarf collection, in that they aren't something you can wear year round. Therefor you should build first on necessity, then use your personal style measures to determine if it belongs aesthetically. Big scarves, like the one I'm pictured wearing is the trending accessory of the year for men and women, along with cute animal inspired hats, which I'll be posting about soon. Because they are ginormous, you can wear them like a poncho, or traditionally the way you would a normal sized scarf. If you need instructions visit YouTube and search "styling my big scarf" and I'm sure you'll find more than what you need to pull off this amazing winter wonderful look.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy 2016

A new year for any fashion enthusiast undoubtedly ignites excitement for the new trends, and colors . If you fancy yourself a  savvy style provocateur, then you are also anxiously pining away at the endless style stories, waiting in your preemptive post fall , pre-spring closet. For me it's like reading your horoscope in the morning  and feeling the enormous amount of satisfaction when your astrological  predictions are really on point. The same applies, for forecasting style, you hope the investments and pieces you've selected are right. My ultimate predictor for the upcoming seasons are all centered on Pink. Yes that happy not so gender neutral color that has been elevated with its association with the fight against breast cancer awareness. I predict you can wear just about every shade but blush, mauve, and baby pink will be the go to shades . I began buying pink last fall and my most coveted purchase , is this delightful flight jacket. The Flight and bomber jackets have made their statements on the streets and are worn far away from their aviation roots in the cock pits. Arguably more gender neutral than the color pink, I've found a happy blended unity with this rugged masculine styled jacket and girlie girl hue.

Bomber jacket  Denim Kut from the Kloth Sneakers Tubular Adidas

Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Luxe Lookbook

Who in their right mind would avoid the condition of being elegantly sumptuous? The chores of engaging in holiday joy and festivities can sometimes push us in the completely opposite direction of luxe style. Wearing sweats and leggings to shop, dawning an ugly Christmas sweater is fun and all but there is nothing like the allure of wearing a fur, with decadent jewels. Am I right? I am sure you have been inundated with invitations to holiday parties, charitable functions etc. So this is your time to shine, unlike all the other holidays you may celebrate during this time of year, Christmas,  Kwanza, Channukkah, or Hanukkah, beckons you to indulge in opulence, while putting your best foot forward. So how do you pull such a look together? If you are luxe challenged, I have some simple steps for you to follow :

Top Thrifted find similar here
1. Embrace the Shimmer

Grab a tank top, jacket, skirt, or anything that is made primarily of sequins, if not all sequins. Now be aware of the quality of said material because not all sequins are created equal, and can look cheap instead of chic, so be choosy.
                                                        Shop the  Faux Fur Stoles at Zara
2. Fur

Now I know some people frown upon wearing actual animal fur but there are so many faux fur options out there now that appear to be the real thing, why not partake in the ultimate representation of luxe style. Similar to sequins you have many options regarding how you want to dawn your fur, also be aware of the quality.

Beautiful Statement Jewelry found at Adorn Addicts 
3. Statement Jewels
This is one those instances where wearing gaudy over the top statement jewels is a must. The more decadent the better.

Sephora has all that you need and they usually send free samples too!

4. Don't forget about hair and make up. I know you're like duh, but its a thought that can easily be forgotten. Although its easy to just do your hair as normal, you should plan to style your hair and make up to compliment your entire look from head to toe .

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6 Ways to Have WaterProof Style

Dressing for rainy days can be a challenge for most.  Having the know how to pull it all together and remain stylish can prove even more difficult. However dont fret, I'm about to disclose six ways you can ensure that the rain doesn't dampen your shine! The process begins with getting rid of the mindset that you have to wear, dull and dare I say frumpy clothing because its wet and gray outside.  Once you begin to think differently about how to approach your rainy day style, you will make better choices. So here it  goes ...
 Forever 21

1. Get Your Armour some Amore 

Show some love to your chosen protective weather gear. Purchase a rain jacket that provides protection from the precipitation but which also has flare. This is your opportunity to be fun and pick a bright color like yellow, orange, or remain chic by sporting something classic and refined like a traditional trench coat.

2. Under my Umbrella Ella Ella AYE

Rhianna showed us the importance of the umbrella in her catchy tune. Invest in a good reliable umbrella one because there is nothing worse than having yours break in the middle of a torrential downpour and two because you'll be using it to protect that great outfit you are wearing! Lastly, don't skip out on the chance to select a funky print, color, or anything that speaks to your personality.


3. Travel Totes

If you are like me, then you love carrying a travel tote, the only problem is you tend to load it up with a bunch of things you dont need. On wet days its important that you have enough space in your trusty tote to carry an extra pair of shoes or your other necessities just in case, you need to refresh when you get to your destination.

4.  Fancy Feet or Nah? 

Having wet soggy socks all day is not an option. So opt for packing your reserved more fancy footwear in your travel tote, until you get to your desired destination. Until then wear an insulated boot or shoe with a rubber coating to protect your feet from unsuspecting puddles and splashes.

5. What do I wear , I Declare!

So underneath your cute umbrella, there is a cute rain coat, and underneath that should be a cute outfit. If your outer weather gear is up to par you can pretty much wear whatever you like with exception of a floor length gown for obvious reasons. I opt to wear brighter colors on rainy days just because the overcast provides a lovely contrasting backdrop for my photographs. lol  But if you are not like me and opt for more classic colors, be sure what your're wearing is flexible enough to roll up or alter just in case, you have to make a sudden move to avoid getting splashed by a passing car or run for the bus!

6. Top it Off

Depending on what you decide to wear a scarf, hat, or some other signature accessory will make the entire look come together. Accessorizing using color or invoking contrast, will add something interesting and unexpected, to your outfit that creates an appealing cohesive outfit. think of it as the exclamation point of your statement rainy day look.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mixing Business with Pleasure

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Orlando, FL for work and typical of most of my business travels,  having a little fun too is on the itinerary. Although I must admit there was more work than play due to a very demanding schedule, I didn't get to enjoy that much of the sunshine state. Of course, I managed to have time to shop a little but other than a nice indulgent dinner or two I didn't visit any sites. When traveling whether on vacation and/or business you should always be prepared for all occasions. Comfort shouldn't be substituted for style and vise versa. Try to find a balance of both worlds including outfits that can easily transition from day to night. Plan smartly by including versatile pieces that can go with different looks. A black or navy blue blazer is an essential accessory that will get endless use even in warmer climates , do to the likelihood you'll be in a heavily air conditioned room from time to time. Because you never know what might happen also include a few statement pieces like a necklace or dress just in case you get invited to a swanky dinner or party. Similarly make sure you have enough casual wear to enjoy downtime with your colleagues. No matter what remember always plan your travel wardrobe accordingly to include business, adventure, and delight. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

$14.99 Never Looked so Devine

When you see stylish people strutting down the street, you might assume it took either a full glam squad to pull them together or they invested a lot of time and money, to get dressed. That may be true for some, but many people have the natural ability to create or emulate beauty. However, it goes without saying, some of us need help and I am not referring to the kind you might receive from a bestie or significant other, I am talking about professional help! lol

You may be saying, style and the way you dress, is low on your list of priorities and my response to that is, you may need to reevaluate your priorities. Case and point, what many don't understand is their personal style is form of non-verbal language. Style is a nonverbal form of communication but we speak it differently, so knowing what and how to speak, is certain to make you better understood.   The best way to find out how to speak your style truth, begins with knowing who you are and or who you desire to be. The next step is to consult support. The best form of support you can seek comes from an expert in the field, in this case I mean a stylist, of course. 

A stylist is a good investment, its my profession and passion, so I am speaking as a professional and as a consumer, when I make that statement. The stylist will dispel the myth that it requires oodles of money and high end labels, to look great, and a good stylist will show you and teach you how. A stylist will navigate your challenges, whether it is the confidence to wear a certain color, or how to reinvent your existing wardrobe, without having to purchase something new. 

They will give you the tools necessary to be a savvy shopper and learn "how" to dress for your given/chosen persona. All this is to say just because you spent a lot of money to look good it doesn't mean you were successful, at exuding opulent style. Just think of the times you've seen someone dressed head to toe in labels, looking more a like a marketing ploy for the designer, verses a savant couturier. And just because you consider yourself simple and modest doesn't mean this should translate to cheap and frump . Its my belief that anyone, yes anyone, has the ability to have great personal style, that is uniquely their own and it doesn't take a black card, to own it. If you or someone you know is in need of help, connect with me at, make the call and lets start the conversation! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

ManCrush Monday's

Your mancrush may be near and dear or perhaps far-fetched, depending on his social status and locality. If you are on any type of social media, than you know Mondays are now reserved for celebrating these men, perfectly labeled as eye candy and undeniably worth celebrating for their good looks, charm, and swag appeal. My macrush is my husband and he deserves this title for many reasons but today I want to emphasize how his MCM value is instinctively intertwined with his impeccable style. He is what I like to call a style chameleon, namely because of his innate ability to adapt and reinvent looks, at the drop of a hat. He can give you "Classic Man" Jidanna style one day and hippie grunge ala Lennie Kravits another day, without missing a beat. His style versatility is well rehearsed and coached a bit by me however his creative prowess and knowledge of self, is what embodies each look and sets him far above the rest. If you dont believe me check him out yourself, follow his blog and/or follow him at @ahki_dc, but trust me he is MCM approved!