Thursday, April 29, 2010

bEEtlEs R buZZing dis SummA

Lets Rock ouT this an olD new looK. Earth dAy has just past....4/20 is in the ash trays of homes oR dorMs abroad. So its a greeN year I may say. I feel like hippie b4 I put my cAmo shorTs oN. Now before I change whats on my hAnger to a more cool and summery lOOk. I think my hAnger deserves a more greeN look, or greeN inspired. So here it iZ thE hippie look. With a little bit more 2010 swagg its a look that you can definitely fit in before the heat wAve drives through. It screams iMa rock star "baby". The shades are a signature bad boy look. I prefer all black or a mix of brown blue or smokey gray. Accessorise with unique charms on a simple dog tag chain. Put some gO greeN pins on your bag for signature. Make a statement and your style will be most wAnted like "Public EnEmy".

Mr. Wright

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Black Collection

The designs were definitely homogeneous meaning both sexes could rock them!
OndaHanger set out on yet another quest to discover the who's who in the latest line of fashion designers from the Nations Capital. We had the privilege and opportunity to meet the creators Dylan Chase and Reggie Black, and get a first look at the up and coming new clothing line Black Collection. Ondahanger and other fashion hungry Washingtonians were lined up at the runway, judging, commenting, at the new versatile and unique urbanwear Black Collection had to showcase. They "Ripped the Runway" with the always gotta have on DA hanger mint polo, reverse cardigan, and the basic vneck t-shirt adding it's own PURE, Black Collection signature twist. They eye catching piece of the evening for me was the asphalt shield cardigan and the oatmeal transparent jacket. Check out the video: Pure Runway Show 2010

Spectators viewed this trendy line of urbanwear from the rooftop of The City Vista at K Street in NW DC

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funny and Fashionable

Its nice to know fashion can be both funny and trendy all at once. We put so much seriousness in what we're wearing that we forget how fun it is to dress and express for the day, be spontaneous. Your expression may be mimicked through your choice of tee shirts, loud colored pants, or with a trinket in order to incorporate your personality into the outfit. Sometimes these funfits as I call them, can be a saviour to the always haunting question...What am I going to wear today? As a cartoonist I enjoy wearing tees with iconic cartoon images and as an amplifier of color I'll add a matching pair of animated sneakers to complete the look. Sometimes the fashion world may dismiss your unique look but there is someone who will appreciate it...You!

On da Hanger...
Grey Pants: H&M $24
Newsboy Cap: H&M $8
Sneakers: Nike $24
T Shirt: H&M $15


Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting the Look For Le$$

Tribal Print Leggings: French Connection (sale) $19
Sequin Top: Thrifted $5 (Local Diggs FL AVe Flea Market, DC)
Platform Pumps: Carlos Santana $25

I consider myself a thrifty consumer when it comes to fashion. I don't have the expendable income to splurge on designer goods but hopefully this won't always be the case. :) Anywho I wanted to share some of my trademark secrets in achieving the trendsetting look for less $$$deniro. I looove thrifting and as a result I have accumulated quite a collection of unique finds that I can incorporate into my wardrobe. (Local Digg)The embellished sequin top I am wearing is one such purchase for $5, that I got from a local flea market in DC called the Florida Ave Flea/Farmers Market. Not only is the market home to some of the cheapest produce in the city it is also a location to find some vintage pieces for next to nothing. They are only open Saturday and Sunday for you local folks and yes you do have a search on your hands, believe me this was a diamond in the ruff. Next for those of you who are inclined to avoid any type of thrifting look online for your discount goods. Although I rarely partake in department store shopping I do enjoy the online sales. The  tribal studded leggings are French connection by wayof Lord N Taylor for only $19, cheaper than the original $68 price tag. Lastly my hubby and I often enjoy going to places like Ross which is where I purchased the Carlos Santana bronzed platforms for $25. All together this ensemble cost me a whopping $49!! And that is just one way to achieve the look for le$$

I really do love this top! For all you thrifters I am working on a special" How to" for thrifting magical finds...stay tuned:)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Color your Fashions Green

My Favs and currently on my wish list 
Vivienne Westwood +Melissa Lady Dragon with wings

I wanted to make a special posting for Earth week highlighting eco-friendly fashions. So this presents a perfect opportunity for me to talk about my current obsession from the ultimate collabo featuring Vivienne Westwood + Mellisa shoes.  The marriage of these two designers is definitely a match made in shoe heaven. The shoes themselves are completely sustainable which is great because originally Melissa shoes were made out of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, a petroleum-based plastic that can be toxic. But now this new eco-friendly line is 100% biodegradable and made from recycled materials. I've heard that they are extremely comfortable, stain proof, water resistant, and smell like bubble gum (sighing in delight). I just have to say one thing, shut up and get on my feet! So color me green because these are definitely my next purchase.

All photos are courtesy of
Places to shop Vivienne Westwood Mellisaa Shoes:,,,

Other Fav: Vivienne Westwood + Lady Dragon Blue Orb

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Under Mi Umbrella

Hola spring is here, and in every season colors change. Not only do the colors change but things oN Ur hanGer changes also. We open the blinds and the bright Sun closes ours eyes, now you think "what do I wear with my new spring clothes". Mr. Wright has your new accessory. Not a bag, gloves, jewelry or hats. An Umbrella.......yEs I know, a surprising choice of accessory. If I may choose a fashion figure that best suits this fashion statement, it would be Sarah Jessica Parker. Her remarkable shots of umbrella fashion certainly catches my eye. Not only do you awe at the choice of fashion, but you remember the statement. Not that of the bag or shoes or even the 25,000 dollar earings that dangle in every step. You remember the umbrella. Sure everyone has an Umbrella of some sort when it rains. The sun is out and Ur craving exotic wines and Ti food. So U crave Asian food, Y not crave Asian style. Go out on a limb an try it. There are so many different fashion umbrellas to choose from, TRAY 6, MAXX, H&M, Urban Outfitters. These are some manufacturing companies that make stylish umbrellas for you.

Just to add refrence as to where to get a customed designed umbrella as Sarah Jessica Parker. Here is the link for custom ubrellas by Xiamen Lichuang Umbrella Co. Ltd.

Mr. Wright

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Local Diggs: Just in Case you were going to sleep on the Swap Meet!

Dress: Vintage White Oriental Style
Shoes: Marc Jacob's (models own artist Alison Carney)
Photography by Keli Anderson
Setting: Malcolm X Park Washington, DC

Just in case you were going to pass up on the $7 Swap Meet, let me show you what steals you may be potentially passing up. So last night I did a little more research about the General Store and stumbled upon their Etsy shop  Se'va's Vintage by Seshat and Virgina which has some divine delights featuring vintage dresses and other accessories that will spruce up your wardrobe for sure! It was a delicious little taste of whats forthcoming on May 15th and I cant wait to bring my things and swap away! Thanks again Seshat for sponsoring this event.

So ladies this would be a great dress for that upcoming graduation! Just sayin...>,<

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't miss the Swap meet!!!

The General Store Inc's Summer Swap Meet and Greet on Saturday May 15th from 1pm to 4pm at the Warehouse Loft. The summer months tend to keep us all a little busy between beach getaways, family reunions, weddings, baby showers bbqs, etc. Swapping is great for all you frugalistas out there. And of course swapping is a great way to reduce land waste and promote recycling. And what better way to give your purse a vacay and meet new people!

Please bring AT LEAST 5 pieces of your gently used SUMMER clothing and accessories. That's it. Swap for as long and as much as you like. Artist Lady Pcoq is our lovely hostess for the afternoon. Cam Jus will supply swapping sounds. The General Store Inc's Official Summer Swap Mix II available for free while supplies last.

Raffle drawing for the Official TGS SWAG BAG!!

How does our swap work?

1. RSVP at
2. Bring AT LEAST 5 items of gently used clothing items to the venue.
3. Only summer items and accessories will be accepted.
4. We will not accept any item that is damaged, worn, torn, stained or ripped. Any item you bring to the swap must be in good condition.

" If you wouldn't wear it please do not bring it".

We will accept the following items: dresses, shorts, bottoms, denim, skirts, shoes, jewelry, short sleeve and tank tops, scarves, purses and hats.

Admission fee is only $7. You MUST RSVP to attend and to have your name placed in the raffle.

(BYOB-Bring Your Own Bags)

What's your steelo? Mr. GQ

Off-white v-neck Sweater: Zara
Gold Bowtie: Gifted
Brown Button Down  Shirt: Marshalls
Watch: Fossil
 Versatile looks should be an attribute of your wardrobe. If you feel like you are always stuck wearing the same style, then switch it up! Change what's on your hanger to suit your personality or your mood rather then wearing a uniform to fit in. Make your steelo (style+aura) diverse but as always stay true to yourself so that you are confident in whatever you put on.  
Black v-neck tee: H&M
Jeans: Rock and Republic
Scarf: family heirloom
Blazer: French connection via Rugged Warehouse
Silver Malcolm X Glasses: Street vendor
Blue Jeans: Ralph Lauren
Sneakers: Jack Parcells
Blue Peacoat: H&M
Mint Julip button down Shirt: thrifted
Black Vneck tee: H& M
Black denim jeans: Zara
Sunglasses: Armani
Sneakers: Navy and Black Hi-top Supras

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shoe Envy: Purchase of the Day

Paris Hilton... Madrid
Well to be honest I'm not supposed to be shopping but today I caved in :) and purchased these sewxy (swagger +sexy) wedges to compliment enumerous things in my spring wardrobe. There will be some serious shoe envy in my closet when my other shoes see these...

Dare to Wear: Derringer Friday's Ties and Squares

Derringer Friday V
Blade: Salmon Linen with White Pencil Stripe

When you think of men's accessories what things come to mind? A hat surely, ties, watches and if you are thinking of a distinguished gent maybe a handkerchief? My point is men dont' have many options to choose from unlike their female counterparts. Nor do they have many variations on these key essentials to spruce up their wardrobe. Well gents that dilemma is over? I am pleased to introduce you to the solution to all your fashion accessory woes...their name is Derringer Friday. Derringer Friday specializes in the intricate construction of handmade ties and squares that are in my opinion a delightful addition to any wardrobe. The dynamic duo that is Derringer Friday have compounded some key ingredients to reinvigorate a staple element of menswear that is both daring and defiant. You definitely don't have to be a fashion conosur to appreciate the raw silks, cottons, and tropical weight wools one factor of the genetic make-up that makes each tie one of a kind.With that being said the other reason that I am an advocate of these new age designers is because nothing is outsourced to produce these magnificent collectibles in fact their entire enterprise is completely inhouse and manufactured solely in Washington, DC.  So, do revel in the modernity of these twisted classics and add them to your hanger!

Can't get enough? Shop and find more information on Derringer Friday at:

Photographs by Paul Wright
Special acknowledgement to Nicole and the team at Worn Magazine for setting up such an awesome shoot!

Derringer Friday #II
Blade: Indigo dyed raw silk

All ties have asymmetrical ends for character, and feature gingham tips and keepers.

Derringer Friday #IV
Blade: Tropical Weight Wool in Mustard

Friday, April 16, 2010

Take the safari to the streets....GRRRR

Take the safari to the street
Take the safari to the street by ondahanger featuring dresses from Asos

I'm absolutley head over hills in love with this seasons take on animal prints. Loins, tigers, and bear's Oh My! I just cant get enough. My must haves are short flirty dresses paired with rich wooden rattan clad accesories.Wear your prints boldly on your shoes, purse, pants, skirts, Go Crazy! Grrrrrr

Mario *MAGIC*

His mind is magical: “What draws me to fashion? It’s everything I see. I can look at an outfit that someone has on and figure out what they tried to accomplish. I piece it together in my head leaving them flawless in my mind. They never even know that they have been made over. My personal style has a Cali influence. I love fedoras and rock them often but mostly I keep it simple. I’m generally in jeans and tees but I boast a wicked shoe game. I would have to say that Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs is my style icon. MY FAVE! He’s regal and classic. Honestly, the people that I’m around inspire me. Everyone has their own style. I take what I can get from those around me.
I have always enjoyed making clothes from the fabric up and seeing my designs on friends. My new line is crazy! It’s called ‘mlm’ by Rio LeTrent. I incorporated my first and middle name with my alter ego. He’s BADD watch out! I’m starting out with Tee Shirts and Hoodies to get my name out there then I plan on branching out. I wish to one day be the first black designer on the cover of Vogue. Fashion is my Passion pure and simple! I love to morph people into the stars that they can be. I have always said that if you are willing to do something for free, it’s your passion. MAKE MAGIC!”

What's missing in America's high fashion publications?

Vogue Italias Barbie Issue July 2009
As a child and even now in adulthood I was always obsessed with fashion but curiously I always wondered while flipping threw the pages of Elle, Vogue, and the like that there was something missing. Absent from the the pages of notable high-fashion magazines like Cosmo and Glamour were images of me? Well not me per say but images of people who looked like me. Instead I often found vibrant images of fashions most opulent creations seemingly jumping off the pages with variations of tall, skinny, white women modeling haute couture Givenchy to Versace... In terms of numbers blacks in America reportedly spend $22.9 billion in apparel services and products alone far outreaching all other minority consumer spending combined. As I reflected on the irony a question arose... "Why are America's high fashion publications constantly choosing to embrace uniformity ?" As my mind started to toil with  presumably hot button topics such as race, size, and economic status I began to wonder why hasn't America embraced entertainers and models of color as well as curvy/plus sized models in the same way that their European counterparts have? I mean don't get me wrong every now and again you stumble across  a Naomi or a Tyra but let's be honest in comparison to the consumer spending they are few and far in between. As a result of the unmistakable absence of women of color, curvy, and the like I have turned to global versions of these publications to quench my thirst for empathy and identification as a loyal patron and consumer. This brings me to my current obsession which is reading Italian Vogue... They are currently one of my favorite magazines because of their recognition of black culture and choosing to embrace nonconformity by showcasing different body types. Their current website features an editorial called Vogue Black which spotlights the up and coming, the who's who, and style icons of blacks all over the world. Additionally they have dedicated an editorial on curvy women in fashion , enteretainment etc...It is undoubtedly more important to me now  than ever as I embark on a career in the industry to question and provide insight on what I believe to be contradictory. With that being said don't we all deserve to be able to open a magazine or go into a store and see our own likeness? Or will we always have to outsource to other countries to find a sense of belonging and recognition?
Model Naomi Campbell from the Vogue Italia Black Issue July 2008

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bye Bye Rain....Hello Sunshine!

Thrifted: Easter Egg Blazer, Crosshatch satchel, Belt
Dress: DKNY, Loehmanns
Shoes: Nascar, Belk
(sorry about the quality of the photo)
Have you ever wondered about what to wear after the rainy day/s are over? It's a dilemma we all face the morning after the storm clears. Can't you just hear the weatherman's forecast:

"The rain is clearing out and the rays of sunshine will be peaking by noon with highs around 75 degrees."

That's your cue to slip your feet into some rain booties for those EWWWW :-) nasty puddles and call it day... right? Then how about that cool morning breeze when you are trying to decide between the trench coat or a light blazer, long sleeves or quarter length top? Well let me just free my hanger of its yellow Easter egg blazer, skinny leg trousers, and a flow-e blouse. Or let's add to this beautiful day, parade around in a pretty dress and top it off with wedged platforms and a bangle to go with. Whatever you choose be defiant and say hello to the sunshine!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April's Essentials

Aprils Essentials 1div>

These are five essential items that I think will stretch your wardrobe and add a layer of complexity to anything your wearing...
Happy Hunting!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Style Icon...Tolula Adeyemi

 Tolula Adeyemi is definitively the embodiment of a "style icon" she is young, fresh, and transforms anything she's wearing into a signature look for all to admire and pursue. A muse of Vivienne Westwood, favorite model of photographer Rankin, actress with Dustin Hoffman, bass player for Kylie Minogue, Tolula is an eclectic artist, a glamorous party girl, an eighties-style fashionista! Who wouldn't want to emulate her!

All photos seen in this post are courtesy of Vogue Italia