Monday, May 31, 2010

DC Stylepatrol: The Durkl Block Party

Add it to the Hanger!
Durkl xOrtlieb Classic Messenger Bag
Durkl's fresh take on the manpack, especially designed for fashionable transport of your gear and your beer!

ODH recently attended the Block Party sponsored by the hip and trendy urban wear line Durkl. As we watched the skateboarders glide to the DJ beats we noticed a variety of style in attendance everything from bohemian to grunge. And who said DC's fashion scene is conservative?

Kick push kick push ...coast!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sister's in The City

Me: h&M HAREM PANT, Ms. bb, lace top, sandals forever 21 via rugged wearhouse, purse betsey Johnson via karmaloop
Nicole: romper,sandals via Zara, Ms. BB earrings necklace thrifted
Originally I was going to right a post on the SANTC movie but today for some reason I'm feeling a bit sentimental and wanted to express my gratitude for the gift of sisterhood. The movie reminded me whether you have a sibling, bff, or sorer sisterhood is the gift that keeps on giving providing unconditional support and love no matter the circumstance. Having a sister is not just a trend, it is knowing you can always turn to her, your best friend, in any time of need. As the older sibling I try to share everything with my sister Nicole; my clothes,style, life experiences, hopes, dreams and even my failures and shortcomings. A sister is a companion like no other so no matter what kind of relationship you have embrace the ones you love and leave your differences behind for another day. Hooray for sisterhood...Love ya Nicole!

Me and Nicole at the SANTC ODH movie event in DC/MD

Friday, May 28, 2010

DC Darling Dana J

Washingtonian Dana J is Fiery, Fresh, Fun, Fabulous & Fearless in Fashion! With a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Design she's her own stylist. She likes rummaging her racks in search of the item she wears least and mixing it with something to make it look new. Her fashion muse? "Solange...she's not afraid to break the rules". Favorite designer? "Christian Siriano...his shoes are me shoes make or break an outfit." Fashion staple? "I cannot live without my boyfriend jeans...while I was iffy in the beginning they are now my favorite pair. I feel relaxed in them...they're extra cute and add depth to any outfit." Can't get enough of this Debonaire DC Darling? Follow her at @itsfrankyj or & Catch her if you can at: .

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jumpsuit or Take Flight?

This jumper is on sale at Karmaloop add the 20% off discount and its a steal!
 I have to admit I am at odds with the new harem pant jumpsuit craze. I can't decide if I'm ready to rock this new look and I'll tell you why. I have hips, booty, and alot of it. With that being said, in no way does my size discourage me from taking fashion risks but its still a relevant factor in terms of shape. I L-O_V-E bodycon clothing, stretchy, clingy, fabrics are definitely a Do for me, however the harem pant jumpsuit provides a little mix of both worlds. I'm favoring the top portion of the jumpsuits but the proportions of the bottom elements aren't quite hitting the mark. The most challenging part for me are that harem pants have the tendency to give the illusion of a saggy crotch and that's not flattering on anyone. Yet and still the completed jumpsuit is so cute and the ultimate homage to the 80's do over. In my quest for the perfect fit I have found some harem pant jumpsuits that I like and when my pockets are ready I may even dare to wear. But to be honest I will probably end up taking the safer route and wear a regular pant jumper. What's your take? Jumpsuit or Take Flight?

American Apparel Harem Pant/Jumpsuit
Babyphat Bustier Harem Pant Jumpsuit

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Fashion GOD's: WTF?

I just want to announce that some trends should never be redone, once the initial mistake has been made let's not do it again, ok people. Thus bringing me to my rant on why sporting  the sneaker high-heel is a definite No go. Why you say? Aside from the obvious let me count the ways. First WTF is a high-heel sneaker anyway? A cross between a sneaker and a pump, a sneaker with a high-heel added?... It sounds like an afterthought and it looks like an afterthought too..Second what message are we trying to convey here? That a high-heel shoe can be sporty and sexy? No, a sneaker is made for sport and comfort, a high-heel is made for pain at the cost of undeniable sexiness, end of story. This is a match made in shoe hell and I am dreading it's return. I pray on bended knee to the fashion God's above please please don't let them resurface!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


You can get these sunglasses for the same price at a Rugged Wearhouse near you....or pay full price at Urban Outfitters
Score! (all the uneccessary exclamation marks elude to my excitement) Anything less than $5 is a score especially my latest find that I've termed Spec-Tac_U-lar!...yes I have succomb to the Jack Nicholoson a.ka badboy rayban (slash) 80's pop Madonna do over trend. Besides the low price the dreamy seabreeze blue splashing over the frames sealed the deal...What else is their left to say but add it to the Hanger!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May Flowers

Check out Motel's floral fancy shorts one of my Top ten picks!

In case you have'nt noticed my ginormous ad to the left ODH, is officially reppin for Karmaloop spawned in 1999 to battle the evil forces of McFashion. In a world populated by Abercrombie Zombies Karmaloop was created to provide a universally accessible alternative - a boutique to outfit cutting edge culture. There you have it straight from the horses mouth! Well if you have not been to their website you are in for a treat whether you hail from Mars or Venus. The best part for me is that they are affordable,  provide quick shipping and friendly customer service their number 1 motto. So for all you fashionistas/mistas looking to get some new adds to your hanger check them out and don't forget to save 20% off your first purchase using the rep code: ODH at checkout. If this isn't news to you no worries you know Im looking out for your pockets too, still use the rep code : ODH to receive 10% off FOREVER, yes can thank me later!;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Ms. SpB a.k.a Shoulder Pad Blazer

Okay, Ms. BB Black Blazer! I'm feeling the functional blazer moment, let me join in on this . Say hello to Ms. SpB Shoulder pad Blazer, it's a one of a kind thrifty purchase found at the Value Thrift Store. I like to keep it classy and Ms. SpB always does it for me. I could wear this to work, the club, church, a cocktail party, you name it and Ms. SpB is the functional blazer gone wild. There it is Ms. SpB right now rocking it up, but keeping is classy at the same time. In this photo I'm wearing Ms. SpB with my Forever 21 horizontal stripe skirt, and beaded ribbon shirt. The black platform sandal is from Baker shoes. Oh, might I add that the platform of the heel is the same as Lamb platform which can be found on Below is another way I turned Ms. SpB thrifty into functional, fabolous, and sweet.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Ms. BB a.k.a Ms. Black Blazer

@ the club in Winston-Salem NC

Dear Ms. BB a.k.a Ms. Black Blazer:
Lately I'm finding I cant stop wearing you. Although I am not obessed I do find comfort in knowing that you are always within reach. We've become inseparable since the moment we met on the sales rack at AJ Wright... You are my hero indeed saving me from daunting tasks like finding a jacket on a cool day or searching for that extra something to help an otherwise mundane outfit feel complete. Yes I've worn you to the club, to work, and even when I travel. Despite my efforts to push you aside you've hung in there rising to the occassion for each call of duty...Thank you Ms.BB for always being there making each wear an effortless affair!
P.S. I hope you have something on your hanger that you have fallen in love with...
@ the Warehouse Loft in DC attending the Swap Meet

Monday, May 17, 2010

FabuLICIOUS Fatigues: Operation Get Noticed

This Spring and Summer Fatigue is FAR from tired. Rather than blending into the background, camouflage is warring its way to the frontlines of fashion for the sunny seasons. A ballsy compliment to chic, the camo craze shines against lacy, feminine or tailored pieces. Perfect the military motivated look by donning a huge-shouldered, metal-epauletted military tailcoat inspired by the one debuted on the Balmain Runway in Paris. Search for bullet belts and booties to punctuate your statement. Check out Alexander Wang, Chloe and Stella McCartney for their take on the fatigue frenzy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ODH Giveaway: Authentic Dolce & Gabbana D&G 4005B Red Sunglasses

Sport this luxury accessory just in time for the Summer Sun!

(Drumroll)And the winner is...Brenda! In order to be transparent and to ensure everyone the drawing was fair please note that each entrant was listed within a randomizer to generate a number for a total of 110. If you followed, added ODH etc. your name was entered multiple times which increased your chances of winning. After a list of the entrants was generated I allowed the randomizer to select a number and the number selected was lucky number 4, Brenda. Congratulations Brenda, we hope you enjoy the sunglasses and be sure to send ODH some pictures of you sporting them! Thank you to everyone else for participating this was exciting and we look forward to your participation in future ODH giveaways>,<

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chictastic Chelsi...DC Fashion Scene

What's On Chelsi's Hanger:
Bopper Bow
Boy cut blazer
Cheetah print Skinny jeans
B/W printed tee

So I'm on my way to work via DC metro of course and while waiting for the next train I spotted this uber cute DC stylista dressed in the latest rocker chic named Chelsi. So since I loved what she was wearing I introduced myself and asked her to send me a couple of pics of her fav looks and low an behold what's On her hanGer? The bopper bow inspired by Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 RTW. When it comes to trends Chelsi is definitely successful in merging girlie femininity with fun urban flair!  Thanks Chelsi...

 Layering the Goods:
Layering is supreme from your bangles to your oversized tees!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring RTW paraphrased...

Ok so I love Marc Jacobs but apparently I'm not the only one obsessed with the looks he presented this year for his Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring RTW show. I mean he is a genius and I just L-O-V-E him! Anywho none of us should be unfamiliar with the trendsetting created by his premiered bopper bows, bold prints, and brilliant colors. It fact it won't be hard to find interesting versions of this eclectic style in a retail store near you. However you know I am definitely on the job to school you on how to find these wears for your hanger for le$$. I even plan to do a few special DIY projects to help you emulate some of the signature pieces in this lovely look. So here are some key components you should shop for to put this look together.
1. The aforementioned bopper bow and romper is a Do
Although its not a look for everyone when worn the right way your simplefit is transformed into Disney animation at its best!

2. A Jumper of any kind is DeVine
Depending on the material and the waistline you may want to sench  this look with a nice belt

3. Be a Flirt and sport a floral print dress
Choose the length of your dress at your own risk if the wind blows be sure not to get caught wearing granny panties!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thrifted Magic

Voila! Vintage Dress acquired from Value Village Thrift Store $3...
When I posted “Getting the look for Le$$” I promised I would return with a special “how to” feature on thrifting. Thrifting is ultimately for shopping bargains but its also about the majestic discovery of the unique finds, vintage pieces and lingering nostalgia. I have compiled a few tips that should help your thrifting trips become more efficient and perhaps even magical !

1. Dress for the Occasion: Most thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms so wearing leggings and a tee is my best “thriftfit” because you can try things on over your clothing to get a general idea of the fit. Also consider wearing clothing that will be easy to remove if the store has a dressing room. Remember even though it may be time consuming you must be willing to try your items on to ensure an accurate fit because everything is final sale.

2. Quality verses Quantity: Though you may be shopping at a flea market or Salvation Army your standards on quality should not be lowered. Try to buy things that are cash and carry meaning they don’t need any alterations or major adjustments to be wearable. Unless you are committed to tailoring and sewing your thrift finds you should be purchasing items that only require a trip to your dry cleaners. Beware of purchasing to many ‘project pieces” because soon you will have accumulated piles of fixer uppers that you will never wear.

3. Timing is Essential: Because thrift stores receive merchandise on a daily basis the racks are constantly changing and merchandising will not be apart of your shopping experience. You should thrift often either weekly aiming for the on sale days or daily depending on your thrift store accessibility. Also plan your time accordingly so that you can thoroughly peruse through the jam packed clothing racks.

4. Better Safe than Sorry: Always wash or dry clean your garments before wearing them. Keep in mind some people who donate items do this procedure prior to giving things away, but not all. Do apply this rule to everything you purchase from jewelry to shoes.

5. Survey and Focus: Before you make your trip to the store take a quick survey of what’s on your hanger and think of what items you may need or want to compliment what you already have. Stay true to your style and shy away from buying things impulsively. before venturing out its also helpful to browse through your fav fashion mag, blog, website etc. to trendspot and keep an eye open  for trendy vintage replicas.

6. Use your Buyometer: Yes use your “buyometer” when determining whether something is worth buying. Ask yourself a series of questions to help you decide if its worth taking home. If you answer “no” to three out of these four questions then tadaa we have ourselves a purchase! Believe me there is nothing worse than passing up that silver circa 1970 clutch for $2 only to dream about it then return to get it and find out it’s gone.

       1. Do I already own something similar?
                                                        2. Is the price more than $3?
3. Will I need to make alterations?
                                                        4. Determine whether you love it or like it?

7. The Price is Right: Try to have a general knowledge of what things should cost because there is nothing worse than discovering you overpayed for something. If you are in a bargaining situation always make sure your offering price at least $10 less than what you really wish to pay for it.
8. Pondering is Good: Don't be quick to dismiss a potential find remember if you put it back on the rack its likely to get picked up by someone else or get lost in the racks. As you find items that you might want to buy leave them in your shopping cart then use your "buyometer" to help you make your final selections.  
9.Have Fun! If it doesn't fit or looks ridiculous just laugh heartily and if you are nice take a pic and share the moment...