Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Curvy Girl's Guide to Shopping: Discover 6 retail powerhouses, that are catering to women of all sizes!

The day has finally arrived, when main stream retailers no longer send the message, that if you are over a size 12, then you don't deserve to dress with style. As someone who has been on each end of the size spectrum, its especially in these times, you want access to buy clothing, that not only fits well but looks good too.  The challenges of being healthy and watching your weight is enough, right?

When you add to that challenge more obstacles, like remaining confident and  maintaining your outward appearance, then Houston, we have a problem!! No one has time for trolling through poorly made clothing, with no thought placed in the design, to make it appealing or fashion forward.

That's exactly the predicament of the most women who are over a size 12, you simply had little to no options, when it came to quality and style. My have times changed, retailers have not only noticed, that the average person isn't under a size 8, even more they've recognized the buying power of the curvy fashionista.

Today, there are many retailers that cater to the "plus is more" market. There are some however that have gone a step ahead of the curve and ventured to create an even playing field, for all to enjoy the game of fashion! Listed below are some of my faves, I've rated them to include the pros and cons of their line, but not to mention affordability, wearability, and of course Style IQ.

Pretty affordable  most items range between $20- $150

StyleIQ++ Chic Chic Chic!! The designs appeal to the contemporary modern girl, who is fashion conscious and keeps up with what's trending. They also boast a rich selection of fabrics and construction.

You might have to negotiate with your shopping budget to buy one piece at a time. The average cost of a dress is about $110, not bad but if you buy at least 3, which you will, it adds up.

Forever 21: S-3X

Affordable, most items will cost under $40
Style IQ++, with a name like Forever 21, its no surprise that shopping here, you'll likely find some version whatever's trending at the moment.There take on style is  is youthful and fun. They have variety in fabric and construction, also the majority of their fabric choices have "stretch appeal"
Not built to last. Always read the care instructions for any garment but I would definitely handle these with care, if you want them to endure your rinse cycle.

ASOS (Curve) 0-24 

Somewhat affordable,  most items range between $20- $200
Style IQ++, you'll happily find something unique, flirty and fun just as easily as you might find something simple and functional.

Its completely an online retailer, so no US store to walk-in and try things on, and the shipping can take a little long. Also their sizing can run a little big in certain styles.

H&M (+) S-3x:


Affordable, most items range between $10- $80
Wearable, not only do they have different style choice,s they really do a good job of exploring fabrics and textures.
Style IQ+: They offer the basics like tees, denim and a few skirt and outerwear options.
Style selection is limited, its a great place to shop for essentials but only if you need them in neutral colors like grey, black , and white.

(Violetta) by Mango 0-20

Somewhat affordable,  most items range between $20- $300

Style IQ++ Classic and modern styles, anything from essentials to unique pieces, that will elevate any wardrobe. Very wearable, very clean designs that are well tailored, and made to last.

Some items are a little pricey. This collection was definitely made with the working girl , in mind. Although there are many transitional looks that go from day to night, if you're looking for club attire this may not be the place for you.

Other Shop-Worthy Retailers for the Curvier You

Rue 107 S-XXL

Nakimuli Curvy S-3x

Custom Plus S-5x

Zellie For She 1x-3x

MYNT 1792 12-26

Monif C 1x-3x



Monday, July 28, 2014


Maxi dresses, are a huge trend of late. There is so much comfort in wearing one, that many of us have opted to wear them, in place of our comfy staples, like denim.  I myself have shied away from them, for 3 reasons.
First off, I'm not blessed in the height department, so wearing a long gown would likely, result in me having to counter with a high heel or commit to lift and carry the edge of the dress, which I simply don't have time for.

Secondly I could never find a silhouette that compliments my body. My shape is full hourglass, so I would benefit from wearing a dress with an even ebb and flow, from top to bottom. Otherwise can we say the word, MooMoo! Thirdly, the issue of being born with a bountiful bosom. If you have this challenge then you know, going without a bra is not an option. However, with all that being said, I found the perfect maxi dress, in none other than Forever21. At first glance, I was still skeptical but of course I tried it on first,  before completely dismissing it. Once it was on I fell in love. The chain detail, color, and the consideration taken of the tailoring at the neck and waist made it the perfect purchase, just  for me.

Styled By: Katorra Enoch-Longshore-Styled for You
Make-up: Terazia Jones 
Photo Credit: Photography by Sherry D
Hair: Atchoi Osekre Bond at 1 Fierce Salon
Dress/; Forever 21+, no longer available online find similar here

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The ICE Queen

Bodycon styled dresses, have to be hands down, one of my favorite silhouettes for women to celebrate their curves. If you are on Instagram or have run into your share of Pop-up boutiques, then you have seen your fair share of  the good and dare I say evils, that come with wearing these figure formed  pieces. When choosing to wear this type of silhouette, be sure that you have good shapewear on underneath, to smooth out your curves and hide any unflattering areas. Next choose something that is  flattering to your figure. For example, if  you're more top heavy, be conscious of the neckline, select something with a subtle V.  If you're more bottom heavy select a color that will even out your proportions, darker colors will work best. Lastly and this goes for anything you may wear, be confident, because confidence  makes everything look good!

Styled By: Katorra Enoch-Longshore-Styled for You
Make-up: Terazia Jones 
Photo Credit: Photography by Sherry D
Hair: Atchoi Osekre Bond at 1 Fierce Salon

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's the Simple Things

When I think about the elements of my wardrobe, the items that really make it cohesive, hands down its the simple things that allow me to pull a look together. Don't pass up that plain white tank top, or the simple black blazer for the extravagantly embellished top that's catching your eye. I've been guilty of doing it myself, and what I ended up with, is a disjointed closet full of things, that I never wore. Be smart, when you shop always leave room for the basics, think of them as the glue to your construction, whatever that may be.

Top- Zara, Skirt- French Connection, Shoes by  Rebel

Friday, July 18, 2014

Graphic History...the journey of my tee

When I spotted this lovey graphic tee, I was on one of many trips to my go to spot,  for retail everything, Zara.  There were no moments of doubt, I knew it was coming home with me from the moment, I saw it. It's been a viable relationship,  unlike some purchases I've made since then. I've worn it dressed up, down, to just about everywhere. Just like an LBD or a trench coat, a graphic tee is an iconic wardrobe element everyone should invest in. Look for something that is unique, speaks to your since of style and is well crafted, so it can withstand the numerous wears and wash cycles. Do this and you're sure to find the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Get your fix and preview of style inspiration for next years spring season.. Runway highlights from DAY 4 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin S/S2015 Collections. Extensive Coverage of runway shows including Irene Luft, Anne Gorke, Odeur, Hien Le, Marina Hoermanseder. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

777 VIP Fashion Series Washington DC at the Italian Embassy

VIP Exclusive Fashion & MID ATLANTIC LAMBOS 2nd Annual Fashion Event at the Italian Embassy. Lamborghini's on display!
Event Charity Fashion for the Cure
Last year's event sold out with 400 plus who attended
V.I.P. Tickets are limited buy before they sell out! 
Includes front row seats for the show, early access to the V.I.P. gathering, one (1) FREE bottle of imported wine from Italy. 
Virgani Rosso 2012 vintage 90pt

Event Timeline

Ladies: Cocktail dresses or formal business.
Gentlemen: Formal business attire and ties.
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
V.I.P.  Ticket holders and special guests only. 
A special hour to meet and greet behind-the-scenes professionals, stylists, photographers, reporters, production crews, media, talent from all genres, models, entertainers, industry Who's Who, public relations specialists, agents and corporate and government sponsors. 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM GENERAL ADMISSION Hosted by Terrance Shaw and Co-Host Gwen Rogers 

Upcoming Events: Fashion for a Cause

Rock the runway with RAHMA! RAHMA on the Runway, a charity fashion show in Wahsington, DC, will be taking place onAugust16, 2014.  This will be an exciting event for LADIES only! There will be vendors, raffle prizes, presentations, entertainment and more. benefiting Reaching All HIV+ Muslims in America (RAHMA) (, a non-profit organization which aims to increase advocacy, empowerment, and education concerning the relatively unaddressed HIV+ Muslim population. You do NOT want to miss out! Spread the word and we hope to see you there! There is limited seating so first come first serve. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

5 Amazing Skinny Jean Looks for Plus-Sized Women

Flattered and honored to be featured on Check out their great tutorial, for navigating plus size fashion and all things designed for the woman, who has curves!

5 Amazing Skinny Jean Looks for Plus-Sized Women

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sheer Madness

Burberry Porsums  2015 collection, undoubtedly achieved the optimal use of sheer textiles, adorning  rich jewels, brocades, and embroidery. My version isn't quite as sporty and alot more delicate but I still really love this trends of layering sheer fabrics with denim, lace and other embellishments.