Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dynamic DUO

Creative collaboration, is utterly important for overall growth in your respective field,  no mater the discipline. The sheer act of giving ones specially procured talent, sets the pendulum of "do gooding" on high. It makes the results, of said collaboration, all the more rich, yielding the sweetest fruits, that any one contributor, could have ever imagined possible. That's my take on giving, it should be done intentionally with those who have the same spirit and wiling to offer the truest form of said talent. Special thanks to Stephen Jermaine, for being a collaborative giver. 

Top Zara, Pants H&M
Blazer NomadYardDC, Denim Kenzie, sandals Aldo, headband Zara 
Swimsuit Gabifresh for SwimsuitsforAlll

Styling: Styled for You, Katorra Enoch-Longshore and assistant stylist Lloyd Enoch-Longshore 

Photographer: Stephen Jermaine  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What's your style mantra?

Does your work style differ greatly from your non work style? My answer would have to be yes but only to a varying degree. I try to maintain my style mantra no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing. Doing so creates style cohesion which creates style identity. If this all sounds foreign than perhaps you haven't grasped yet what your style mantra is or should be. No worries,  I developed a great method for finding out the key ingredients to your style formula. In order to identify your style mantra first ask yourself what item or items in your closet you can't live without. Next picture that time when you got dressed and you nailed it, you felt confident, comfortable and looked great because everyone told you so. Like any equation, once you have all your data, it's time to draw a conclusion. Considering your must have pieces in your wardrobe, your repetition in wearing said items, and how they make you feel, you should be able to now pin point your style! Mine is sport chic, I find I always wear casual smart clothing that have an athletic influence thru fabrics and or form. Try and see if you can identify your,  style mantra! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

No Celine Dion

One of my all time favorite episodes of Sex in the City is when Samantha got in a tug of war match over her knock-off Fendi baguette, in LA.  Although Carrie, the hailed fashion diva of the group advised against the purchase, she bought it anyway. My take on "knockoffs" has been never to buy them. Why pay half the price of the luxury item you seek for the knockoff version, that likely cost under $20 to make? Also where is the stunt value in wearing the knock off when it can be discovered as a fake at any given moment. Why bother, just save your coins and splurge on your unrequited item of choice when you have accumulated enough cash. Wait hold on, don't despair there is another side of the coin. For those of us who cant afford to splurge  on designer goods but love what the luxury fashion and design houses are creating, its likely your indulging in opulence but at a different level. Places like Zara, H&M, even department stores are replicating designer brands left and right and making it count $$ for the average consumer's buying power. This recent trend is called Fast fashion and its changing the fashion industry in a major way, from top to the proverbial bottom. Many say there are pros and cons to fast fashion, and today I can attest to the pros.  I'm wearing a happy marriage of style and affordability, thanks to H&M's  replica of the  Celine silk foulard print top featured on their runway a few season back. Without H&Ms rendition I probably would ever be able to indulge in sporting this lovely top. Where do you stand, are you for or against knockoffs? As the saying goes imitation, is the highest form of flattery, right?

Style Deets: Top H&M  Denim Kensie  Heels Zara