Thursday, June 25, 2015

All Mixed Up

As a child, I can remember getting dressed for school and always hearing this constant echo from my parents, about my clothes needing to match. “Do your socks match, does your outfit match, do your barrettes match? “ It was constant, this obsession over matching, and I couldn’t figure out why. As I’ve gotten older, I attribute the questioning and importance of style and subsequently matching, to be cultural, as black Americans are known historically and presently, for placing emphasis on style and trend, you know staying “fresh.” In black culture stylish clothes has social-economic significance, being fresh and stylish, is something we could achieve relatively easy to gain status amongst our peers as opposed to more challenging acquisitions like homeownership, education, and many other achievements, many desired but were not able to easily gain access too. It is no wonder, matching outfits and brand names were so sought after and important, when it came to dressing for school. Design houses such as Stella Jean and Missoni and many others, have made their imprint in the fashion world, doing just the opposite of what I was taught as a child. Mixed matched, medleys, of fabrics and textures, create an untold story that is implausibly cohesive for these fashion houses. They embark on a journey of finding common demonstrators that unfold beyond what the eye literally sees as matching colors, and create a seamless color story, of endless possibilities.  There are of course some rules to follow if you want a polished mixed matched look and they include finding at least 2 or more common colors, patterns, or layers of intrigue, for this to work. Once you find the common core, you can add dimension to your ensemble, using your choice of accessories, style techniques, etc. As you can see, my look was inspired by this concept, how did I do?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Work press PLAY

Packing a carry on bag for a business trip can be a somewhat daunting task. You have to have professional attire for  everyday that your are working and probably some additional outfits for more formal dinner meetings as well as leisure time. If you are gone for a few days, lets just say 4 for demonstration purposes, you could potentially need at minimum
 8 to 10 looks. If you're traveling during warmer months you'll have more wiggle room, when it comes to packing your tiny carry on, but if its winter boy things can get real competitive, when deciding what to take or leave at home. So on my recent business trip to Nawlins, the perfect playground and seemingly prime location, for hosting a conference, I strategically selected, dual elements for travel. The items I packed had versatility and could be worn repeatedly, with other items, I brought with me. This tactic significantly decreased the volume of clothing I packed and even left a little room for shopping, and bringing things home with me. I call that a win Beybe! So here is a list of items that could prove to be the answer, to packing with style for your business travels. 

1 pair of dark rinse Jeans
2 high quality t-shirts in solid colors ( at least one should be white)
2 high quality camis
1 Blazer
1 Cardigan
1 pair of dress pants
1 skirt
2 dresses
Undies ( you can never have enough)
1 neutral colored flat/heel
1 comfortable traveling shoe
1 pair dress sandals heels
2 statement necklaces
1 pair of earrings ( pearls are best or something classic and simple)

Now once you become a pro, you can alter this list greatly but until then use it as your guide for style, while on the go!

Remember I'm a pro so I altered  the concept a little, to  ensure I could showcase my personal style.

Day 1 

Night out formal 

Night out casual 

Work Flow 
Shrimp n Grits #nomnomnom

Clearly I played A lot <3

Mothers Restaurant 
Pool time 

You get the idea