Monday, August 31, 2015

Are you InstaWorthy?

The moment I reached 5,000 followers on Instagram, a million thoughts ran through my mind. I thought wow, this feels amazing and crazy all at the same time. In comparison, I can remember only 3 years ago first joining Instagram and having just under 100 followers.  Although this feat serves as a milestone of sorts in the realm of social media, I must admit it has been a fun journey filled with photobombs, off skewed iphoneography, and even harsh criticism. Nonetheless, its been totally worth it, the feedback and compliments I get from so many followers is overwhelmingly touching. Those who revealed to me that I have helped them be more at ease with their vulnerabilities of having struggles with body image, self confidence and of course style, truly inspire me to remain compassionate and invested in  my craft. The connections, I've made with creatives locally and abroad synthesizes, the superficiality that is often associated, with the enamored selfie and seemingly endless superficial hashtags. I myself have been guilty of equating likes with self worth, credibility, and social prowess. Ultimately, though I would have to conclude that it has been and undoubtedly will continue to be, a positive worthwhile social experiment. Never could I have hypothesized that an app could be such a valuable component of my everyday life. Thank you to all who have provided support, motivation, and inspired me, to always put my best foot forward!  #InstaWorthy

PhotoCredit: @digitalhustler

Monday, August 24, 2015

Braving the Trouser Frontier

With September beginning in a couple of weeks, brisker mornings are just around the corner, so it's time to start piecing together the beginnings, of your fall wardrobe. Assuredly, you have a commendable stock pile from seasons past to choose from but all good fashionistas, should invest in staple pieces each season, while also discarding things that no longer mesh with your style. This season you should definitely explore the many style choices that are available in trousers. Skirts and dresses have had a leading role on the runway recently and thus overshadowed the pant options. However this season that will all change with the designers use of tailoring and layering to impose bold modern cuts for the trouser wearer. They include flowing wide leg pants, the return of the fit and flare/ bootcut, highwaisted trousers, and the sleek cigarette pant. With so many options, it will seemingly be difficult  for some to make a choice that doesn't include every style. However, my number one rule of thumb, when to comes to dressing with style, is "bodyshape matters." Your body shape will help you narrow down the options as not everyone can go Mary Kate and Ashley, and rock a printed palazzo pant but if you choose a style that accentuates your shape, you're sure to pick a winner. Listed below I've created an index of trending pant styles for this season and paired them with the body shapes that compliment them best. Use these guidelines to inform your purchase and you can't go wrong!

                    Rectangle: Shaped, pleated and pocketed, with a narrowing or tapered leg line.

Hourglass: Any style will work for the most part but avoid anything that adds bulk and consider your leg length. 

Strawberry: Any style that will accentuate your bottom and leg line such as pockets, embellishments, pattern and print. Baggy trousers, turn ups, combat, palazzo, flares and culottes, and wide legs.

Pear: Bootcut, boyfriend, fit and flare, and tapered styles are best

Apple  : Flat fronted, wide leg or loose fit tapered, fastened on the side and should not cling to the body.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Maximizing your options

Skirt choices are infinite, when it comes to shapes and lengths but you may be wondering, how do I choose which fit is right for me? Well, there are a number of variables to consider. First, you must know what your body shape is, hourglass, pear, Apple, etc. By determining where and how your body is proportioned you will then be able to select clothing that is flattering and fits well. For example, I have an equal distribution of weight for my upper and lower body and a smaller waist than both. Because of the way my body curves, I'm categorized as a full hour glass. Consequently, my choice in skirt styles include a wide range of midi, above knee, and in some instances maxi lengths depending on the skirt shape. However, I must shy away from billowy skirts with little to no form or contouring around the body, as they can make me look larger and that's not a goal of mine. I can delight in bodycon, wrap, Aline, pleated , tulip  and even peplum styled skirts. All of the previously mentioned skirt silhouettes will accentuate my body shape by placing an emphasis on a smaller waistline and even distribution of my upper and lower body. As you can see below once you have pinpointed a skirt length and silhouette, it's easier to get creative and play around with colors embellishments and other style variations .