Monday, September 7, 2015

Feminine Ways

The resurgence of femininity, in fashion  comes with mixed emotions  for me. Now don't get me wrong, I can contend with the best of the girlie girls, dawning a full face, wearing arm length gloves, and in full glam for the gram. However, being a sportchic style enthusiast at heart, makes me resist the style shift, of wearing more flowers, loose billowing sleeves, and the bows. Those components will embody the return of the ultra femine 70s flower child. Like all trends most come and go but some leave a lasting, imprint that forces even most stubborn, to adapt something from it, into their everyday style. For me this season that lasting trend is fringe. Fringe, is a wonderful style detail that you will find on everything this season but do yourself a favor, and don't buy it all. Be decisive and make a purchase that will have an impact on your wardrobe, by adding a layer of interest. It should  compliment your most simple pieces and you should have the ability to style it in practical and non conventional ways.  
PhotoCredit: @digitalhustler

Boots Justfab top and denim Forever 21