Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stocking Your Winter Arsenal

Well, if you are on the east coast than you are fully aware that winter has arrived. Now the question remains to ask is, if you are ready, and I'm not referring to stockpiles of salt and canned goods. What I'm talking about when I say a winter arsenal, is your coats, woolens, tweeds, calfskin's etc. Those warm and cozy things that keep you safe from the perils of old man winter. For me, I try to collect or shop these items just as they are needed, seasonally. Winter accessories for certain don,t perform like your spring scarf collection, in that they aren't something you can wear year round. Therefor you should build first on necessity, then use your personal style measures to determine if it belongs aesthetically. Big scarves, like the one I'm pictured wearing is the trending accessory of the year for men and women, along with cute animal inspired hats, which I'll be posting about soon. Because they are ginormous, you can wear them like a poncho, or traditionally the way you would a normal sized scarf. If you need instructions visit YouTube and search "styling my big scarf" and I'm sure you'll find more than what you need to pull off this amazing winter wonderful look.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy 2016

A new year for any fashion enthusiast undoubtedly ignites excitement for the new trends, and colors . If you fancy yourself a  savvy style provocateur, then you are also anxiously pining away at the endless style stories, waiting in your preemptive post fall , pre-spring closet. For me it's like reading your horoscope in the morning  and feeling the enormous amount of satisfaction when your astrological  predictions are really on point. The same applies, for forecasting style, you hope the investments and pieces you've selected are right. My ultimate predictor for the upcoming seasons are all centered on Pink. Yes that happy not so gender neutral color that has been elevated with its association with the fight against breast cancer awareness. I predict you can wear just about every shade but blush, mauve, and baby pink will be the go to shades . I began buying pink last fall and my most coveted purchase , is this delightful flight jacket. The Flight and bomber jackets have made their statements on the streets and are worn far away from their aviation roots in the cock pits. Arguably more gender neutral than the color pink, I've found a happy blended unity with this rugged masculine styled jacket and girlie girl hue.

Bomber jacket  Denim Kut from the Kloth Sneakers Tubular Adidas