Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Please Don't Kill My Vibe

Sometimes the vibe is all you need. And by vibe, you know I'm referring to my mood. In most instances, my mood is just as influential in inspiring my look of the day, as my choice of galoshes, on a rainy day. Staying connected with how I feel helps me build a true sense of self, that affords the ability to recognize and identify my emotions. Emotions, like what I love to wear or  hate allows me to explore style concepts intuitively. What I feel most confident in or comfortable directly correlates to my choosing the form, shape or color composition of my outfit. It also magnifies the selfawareness that invites trust and confidence  needed for me to to explore beyond my normal style boundaries. When I want to mix prints and wear bold colors within the same outfit I'm not obeying any style rules, I'm just allowing my mood to channel that 70's girl, or Coachella Bella.  I'm just being myself even if Monday, I'm sending girl next door vibes, wearing prep chic. Or if on Tuesday, I could be mistaken for a round the way girl in denim, Jordan's,  gold accessories . The takeaway from all this is, always whatever you feel, express it in your style, it will keep your looks fresh and unpredictable. 

Dress Cochella Collection H&M
Gladiators Shoedazzle 
Hat Vintage
Fringe cardigan Zara 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jumpsuit, All in One

TThe evolution of the jumpsuit began with its inception in 1919. Revolutionary of its time because of its shape and also the idea of making a garment completely out of one fabric, during a period where fashion was very ornamental. Over the years the jumpsuit has changed but maintained a futuristic allure. Yet today you can find many versions of this iconic style and my favorite of course is the althletic construct. The simplistic, all for one one for all, mantra of the jumpsuit wearer marries you to the idea of this uniformed, now timeless essential fashion piece. 

Jumpsuit: Rebdolls
Sneakers: Missguided