Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Swimwear Don't Care

For some it's a dreaded event but for others, it's what summer fun, is all about.  I'm talking about the swimsuit. Shopping for the perfect one, for a not so perfect body, can be a challenge but persevere as there is hope, if you follow my exact advice. Rule number one is of course, buy one that fits your shape. With swimwear it can be easy to fall victim to trends and standards nobody's body is willing to meet. Yet still one way to counter the urge to buy an ill fitting unflattering swimsuit, is by selling a style and cut that is classic and simple. Now if your personality is anything like mine that simple mantra, just won't work. If you are comfortable in your skin, then by all means be bold but adhere to the first rule, by remembering the style, must compliment your shape. Last be sure to also where a complimentary color that will amp the summer glow you're sure to have while relaxing in the sand. 

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