Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Three Hacks You Should Know to Dress for the Office During Summer

The temperature on my weather app reads 90 degrees, its a typical muggy humid day in Washington, DC. Summer has officially arrived and so has balmy days where even the shortest of walks is sure to include some perspiration. So how do you prepare to dress for the office and stay cool at the same time? I offer three simple solutions that will keep you stylish at work but also prepared to endure the heat wave. 

1. Wear clothing that ventilates 

It's time to do away with the clothing made with heavy fabric. Light cottons and linens are the way to go because they are natural fibers that allow you to breathe. Flowing tops, skirts, dresses and trousers are also great , you don't want to wear anything to constricting. 

2. Dress to Impress

This should be happening daily but during the warmer months, it can be easy to get laxed and careless with your outfit selection. You should have a good stock of soft and or bright colors to reflect the season. Use color to balance and coordinate and don't fall victim to wearing skimpy, inappropriate, ensembles to work. Use a cardigan or blazer to upscale, your sleeveless dress or top, it's also a great thing to have in case your office gets super cool, from the AC.

3. It's ok to show some Toes

Now don't take this literally and walk in the office wearing your favorite Haviana flip flops. It simply means a classic sandal  , open toe pump or wedge is par for the course. Espadrilles are a fun alternative too.