Monday, October 17, 2016

All Together Now

There are beautiful people, beautiful places and beautiful creations to enjoy all around the nation's capital. If you have evolved into a pessimist and refute my statement, than just take a look at the evidence from my latest style shoot with model Aida Gueye @aida_tmodel. Creating a statement worthy image is no easy task, when trying to strategically build a body of work. It takes the right components for such a production to reach its full potential. For one, a model that is in fact a model and not just a pretty face. A good location is ideal but not nearly as important as a good photographer. Last but certainly not least to create a great image, you need a good stylist. A stylist not only helps inform the decision making regarding how the garments are chosen then worn but he/she impacts the the models confidence and wear-ability of said garments. She influences the photographers chosen setting and direction of all things creative. The stylist is in my opinion is the unsung hero required to do many tasks that are often left out of the credits. Acting as a glue, the stylist in short brings cohesion to a photo shoot and for all those who dare embark on branding, or wish to have a photoshoot without a stylist, well we all know what happens,  things are bound to fall apart.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Look Inspo

Entire Outfit:  ZARA
Hair By Atchoi @  1 Fierce Salon

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This illustration proves you can find inspiration just about anywhere. You just have to look and be nimble enough to envision how you will assemble the pieces together. Your inspo  may come from your mood, your home decor or even the climate. The catalyst does not matter but the outcome does. So be a free spirit as the options for  creating a look and style that are unmatched is limitless.

 Hair By Atchoi @  1 Fierce Salon