Thursday, September 8, 2016

Diner en Blanc DC 2016

  After being on a wait list of thousands for the past 2 years my time finally came to be  apart of the exclusive, ever evolving, special occasion that is known as Diner en Blanc. The origins of this elegant soiree began in France over 30 years ago with just a handful of friends by François Pasquier . Le Dîner en Blanc de Paris now assembles over 10,000 guest every year, with a record 15,000 people attending the 25th anniversary in 2013. DC's Diner en Blanc had about 3,500 attendees this year with the potential for more, if they accommodated those who are eagerly waiting on a long wait list that seems to be growing. So what's all the fuss?  Well that is left to be interpreted by you the guest, the experience is literally what you make of it. For me being a first timer, I reveled in the opportunity to engage sophisticated, elegantly dressed, people along with great food and of course wine. What I did not enjoy was the preparation involved with what I can best describe, as an installation of all white decor. Yes, you not only have strict rules about wearing all white, your table setting and accessories also have to fit this colorless theme. Finding an all white ensemble did not prove very difficult although it can get tricky in the shoe department. Luckily, the all white etiquette is not as strict about shoe color, as long as you wear something neutral you should be fine.  Both my husband and I had things we could pull from our closets but of course we wanted something sshnazzy and new for the occasion. We ended up with what I thought were great looks, both comfortable yet upscale, assuredly chicly up to par for the event. So imagine wearing your Sundays best, while carrying two chairs, a table, food, libations for 4 blocks in 90 degree heat, not fun. Keeping in mind the location was kept a secret to the very end in typical DC style the location of this elaborate gathering was classified. Nonetheless, when we arrived to our beautiful backdrop featuring the Lincoln memorial on the scenic mall intersecting  Constitution avenue, all the effort to get to this point, seemed worth it. We danced, we conversed, we drank until the sun came down, with our whites remaining surprisingly untarnished by the fun we had. Now that we have all the equipment we need, I find that attending next year will be even better. Oh and the other bonus, now as members, we can invite our friends for 2017!!
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 On Her: Cape Jumper Lavish Alice, Head band DIY On Him: Boohoo Mandarin Colar Shirt and pants H&M