What is a stylist?
Although a stylist can wear many hats, often they act as a translator between the fashion industry and the consumer. Through many years of experience, stylists develop a keen ability to translate trends seen on the runway and in fashion magazines into appropriate clothing options for their clients. They can also work as liaisons for corporations leading style and image seminars. At Styled For You, we will help you choose items that complement your shape and lifestyle as well as achieve your own personal style goals. We want to show you that it is possible to build an exceptionally stylish wardrobe for any shape and size and on any budget, while teaching you valuable skills that will keep you looking great for a lifetime!
When would I need a stylist?
Because we work with a large variety of people from all walks of life, stylists can offer an objective eye and invaluable advice when you are entering unfamiliar territory such as switching careers, attending a special event, re-evaluating your wardrobe or shopping for a stylish gift for someone else. You don't have to be a total style disaster to call a stylist. We can step in and advise you at any point in your quest for stylish attire whether it involves an entire wardrobe evaluation, shopping for one event, or seeking out exclusive or specialty items. Whatever the case, shopping with a stylist can be fun and exciting as well as a great learning experience, that will enable you to shop effectively for yourself!
Will a stylist make me get rid of my current wardrobe?
At Styled For You, our stylists will never make you get rid of anything! Our mission is to simply show you what silhouettes, colors, fabrics and overall look works best for your shape, lifestyle, and comfort level. We will always advise you on what pieces work great for you and what others to avoid. In the end it is entirely your decision on what to keep, acquire, or donate. Many of our clients choose to sell their ill suited items and use the extra funds to invest in some great new pieces that truly work well for them!
How is payment made?
Payment is required in full on or before the date of service. We accept Paypal and cash. To pay via Paypal with your own account, please follow the link and use wckatorra@hotmail.com in the "pay to" field.
Why would I use a personal shopper when department stores provide the same services?
Department store services are limited to what happens in a single store. We work in conjunction with in store sales associates and shoppers. Our span reaches outside the store to help you build a complete wardrobe. We take a full experience consulting approach, building an ongoing relationship to ensure your needs are met.
How can a personal shopper save me money?
A personal shopper will help you build a cohesive wardrobe and invest in pieces you will actually wear! By planning and approaching your needs in a thoughtful and organized manner, a personal shopper will help you get the most bang for your buck.
What stores do you typically shop with/for your clients?
Everything from Target to Barney's to local boutiques. We work within the client's budget and preferences to meet their needs.

What type of budget do I need?
We have worked with shopping budgets ranging from $100 to "sky's the limit."
Do I have to shop with my stylist?
Although it is beneficial to shop with your stylist, it is not required. If you would like one of our stylists to shop for you on their own time, we require a preliminary consultation where an assessment of your fashion needs; lifestyle and proper measurements can take place. We will discuss your budget and prioritize the items that are needed the most. This will ensure that our stylists can accurately shop for you on their own. A one time return trip is included in the cost. Hourly shopping rates apply. Please see our "services" page for more information.

Are Stylist services for women only?
Style is not just for the ladies anymore! Styled For You, welcomes all gentlemen ready to take charge of their appearance and truly learn the essence of personal style. It can truly make a difference in how you see yourself and how others regard you. Our basic shopping services as well as customized packages are available for both men and women, and cater to a variety of lifestyles and personal needs. Please see our "services" page for more information.

Besides wardrobe, are hair and makeup services available?
Styled For You will be happy to recommend and accompany you to a Salon and/or makeup studio, where we are confident you will receive the best service and achieve a unique look that will really enhance your personal style. Please "contact us"

Where is Styled For You located?
We are located in Washington,DC  and we will be happy to travel within 30 miles of the city. (please contact us with questions about your specific location) Our clients are always welcome to meet us at a predetermined location in the Downtown DC area for services not requiring a wardrobe consultation.
What are Styled For You's hours?
Although we can generally accommodate most appointment times, our administrative office hours are Monday 9:00-5:00, Tuesday-Friday 10:00-5:00 Saturday 10:00-3:00, Closed Sunday. Appointments can be booked during non-office hours and are based on client and stylist availability. You can also always reach us via email during non-office hours.

If you have any further questions about us or our services, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

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