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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

4 Trends to Help You Fall into Next Season

Our summer breeze has blown by but there are new trends to look forward to for the next season. Fall is around the corner and it's time to start packing away your summer essentials and move in transitional pieces, that can carry you from one season to another. Before you begin to purge or better yet grab something new, consider the following trends which are prime to have your street style game on level 10!
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1. Patch it Up!
One of the many reasons I so love the 80's was its innovation in fashion. Patches was a real relevant spawn of the punk rock era and it also made a cameo appearances during the nineties, in pop kind of way. Patches are back in big way, so you can create your own DIY project or flock to your favorite brand for patchwork denim and embroidery.

2. Onesies and Jumpsuits

Besides the dreaded naked feeling you get when using the bathroom, while wearing a one piece, it's otherwise a hit! Make a bold statement by going the dramatic route or keep it fun and flirty. Either way rocking a jumpsuit, is now a chic option and a far cry from your toddler days of old.

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3. Lucite Heels
 No longer reserved for the pole, Lucite heels have received a long overdue update. They are magical and will give your look a Jetson worthy, out of this world revamp!

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Shop at Sephora

4. Graphic Lashes

I'm no make up guru but I can appreciate a good easy applicable beauty tip. Diana Ross, was the queen of lashes and she mostly rocked them boldly.   The new trend that I am game to get on board with is graphic lashes. keeping in mind, dramatized lashes are not supposed to be believable they surely don't need be in full on Giraffe mode either! It simply means choose a mascara or add lashes or even liner, to create a broad spectrum of fuller lashes.