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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Look Inspo

Entire Outfit:  ZARA
Hair By Atchoi @  1 Fierce Salon

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This illustration proves you can find inspiration just about anywhere. You just have to look and be nimble enough to envision how you will assemble the pieces together. Your inspo  may come from your mood, your home decor or even the climate. The catalyst does not matter but the outcome does. So be a free spirit as the options for  creating a look and style that are unmatched is limitless.

 Hair By Atchoi @  1 Fierce Salon

Monday, March 14, 2016

Courageously in Love with, "Me"

At the tender age of 35, a girl has to reconcile with her sense of self, all be it met with contentment or not. For many 40, is the big milestone birthday to be reckoned with but for me 35, was eerily reminiscent of the same feelings of reflection and soul searching, that presumably will happen at age 40. I found myself pondering my accomplishments, my hopes, my dreams, and even my disappointments. Thinking retrospectively, I guess I am deserving of a pat on the back. Reigning in a happy 5 year marriage, a new job, and of course my uncontrollable pursuit of the fashion, art, life, nirvana, is no small feat. What's scathingly untrue of this time in my life, contrary to what most report, is a feeling that it's all down hill from here. Especially, in the looks department, one would think you'd have to succumb to ritually using Botox and spend all your free time  at the gym. Withstanding some of my favorite reality starlets, to whom I can appreciate this type of occupational hazard, I am not there yet! In fact, I am far from it, despite not being at my ideal weight, for me there is no long list of cosmetic dreams. All of these thoughts prompted me to do a photo shoot, different from any other yet only in the sense that it had sentimental ties with my womanhood, femininity, and sense of self-awareness. I felt liberated and of course this was fun too! RenĂ© Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke captures it best:  “Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.” 
Styling: Styled for You, -Katorra Enoch-Longshore

Pink Combo : Rebdolls

Pilot jacket: H&M
Bodysuit: Boohoo+
Jogger: Forever 21

Sheer Dress Cross Strap brallet: Rebdolls

Coat with Tail s Vintage: Nomad Yard Collective
White Button Up: Forever 21

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Partnering and Collaborating

During my recent interview on the Tabia Pope Show, I started to scratch the surface of the most important aspects of successful blogging or anything that you pursue in your professional life. One aforementioned mistake many can overlook, is the benefits of collaborating or partnering with others. Undoubtedly, partnering with someone else for the greater good of personal or professional success, could present itself as a gamble rather than guarantee. Similar to group projects in school, the dynamics can be unpredictable and the potential for an unbalanced product seemingly high. However even with that being said if plausible considerations are made regarding why, who, and what you and the collaborator are bringing to the table then mastering a successful partnership isn't so far-fetched.

I am happy to discuss a success story regarding a huge collaborative project presented on behalf of  Art Lives Here. In 2011, a quartet of neighbors and colleagues created Art Lives Here, a collaborative initiative that would saturate the Gateway Arts District with temporary arts programming to increase visibility for working artists, spur economic development, and affirm the community’s funky and diverse local cultures. If it sounds like an amazing initiative that's because it is, the photos pictured here is the result of one of many ongoing projects designed to empower the local arts community of the Gateway Arts District and Washington, DC area. So you may be asking how did this happen, how do I engage in collaborative partnerships?

Well it's more simple than you might think, first begin with assessing your needs and assets. Determining what your needs are will help you pinpoint who and or what, you require to complete your project. Assessing your assets, helps you articulate what you can provide as a commodity to barter or trade with your potential partner. Clearly outlining a proposal that outlines deliverables, achievements, and a timeline will help everything go smoothly and prevent misunderstandings. Also keep in mind that you will undoubtedly have some challenges, depending on the scope of the project but it is important to always maintain your professionalism and communicate often. Lastly, once your partnership has ended remember to follow up, with appreciation. And on that note, I'd like to thank the Art Lives Here, network for an amazing opportunity to participate in a wonderful project! Photography by:  Jeremy Mines Film LLC

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Saturday, May 31, 2014